After the success of last year’s reunion it was decided by the committee that five years is tooooo long to wait to get together again.  We are looking at doing a “Gathering” in September, 2011.  It would be a get together at a local establishment – bar/restaurant – or perhaps at Myron’s farm.  I would like some feedback from everyone. 


Are you interested in a casual gathering like this?  So many friendships were renewed last July that seeing each other once a year is something we decided would be better than waiting five years.  What does everyone think?  Please reply to this email with your thoughts.


By the way, this eBlast message is being sent only to classmates with email addresses provided to us.  There are 77 people in the class either without an email or who did not wish to provide us an email address.  So, please share this message with other classmates you are still in contact with.



Because of the overwhelming success of our fiftieth class reunion last summer, our class financial position is stronger than expected. As a result, the reunion committee has decided to share that success by sending a gift to the Washburn High School Foundation from the Class of 1960. We are proud and excited to participate in the ongoing goal of the foundation to improve the educational opportunities and personal experiences of its students and teachers.


OUR CLASS WEBSITE - We plan to keep it active.

The website ( www.washburn1960.net ) will be available ongoing. If you have information that you’d like to have posted, you may contact Denny Lander at:  dlander222@gmail.com  (Note: new email address).



As always, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ link on our website to provide updates to your contact information:  email, street address or phone number. Don’t let us lose contact with you. Keep us informed when your contact information changes. Our direct email address is:  Washburn1960@Gmail.com.



REMEMBERING OUR GOLDEN REUNION - A casual get-together will be planned for 2012!

There has been overwhelming, positive response to this year’s reunion. Reacting to that, the reunion committee is going to plan a casual ‘get-together’ for two years from now. Myron has offered to let us stage another picnic at his home. Sally Metzler Rothmeyer, Diane Costello McCalvy and Marna Nelson Winn will co-chair this event. If you’d like to get involved, you may contact them by phone or e-mail using their information in your memory book.

There will be an official class reunion again in five years. Would you chair the committee in 2015?

ADDENDUM TO MEMORY BOOK - From people with second thoughts...

Attached is a document that you can print on your home printer. It contains 12 additional bios from a few people who wished that they had been included in the reunion memory book. We’re happy to learn more about them and welcome their entries.

We ordered 32 more books for a second printing and the printer gave us two extra. If you would like one of them, send your check for $26 to: Diane McCalvy, 110 Bank Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55414. Please include your name and address for mailing.

DONATION TO THE WASHBURN FOUNDATION - Large attendance puts us in the black.

There was serious concern a year ago that we may have a challenge meeting our expenses for the reunion events this year. We had hoped to have at least 150 people attending in order to make that happen. The reservations just kept coming. By the third week of July, we had reservations for 240 —our largest reunion ever!

As the numbers rose so did the amount of cash we had to work with. A decision has been made to gift the Washburn Foundation with a check for $2,000. There is a piece in the beginning of your memory book explaining what they do and you may see the scope of their work by logging on to: http://washburn.mpls.k12.mn.us/WHS_Foundation.html

OUR CLASS WEBSITE - We plan to keep it active.

The website will be available ongoing. If you have information that you’d like to have posted, you may contact Denny Lander at: dlander222@comcast.net.

As always, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ link to provide updates to your contact information: email, street address or phone number. Don’t let us lose contact with you. Keep us informed when your contact information changes. Our direct email address is: Washburn1960@Gmail.com.


As you likely know, Susan Wherry passed away December, 2003. Susan was involved in many capacities of WHS school life, so much so, that we elected her 'Done Most for the School' in the 1960 Hall of Fame along with Jim Nyholm.

Carolyn Light-Bell is hosting a wedding shower for Susan's daughter, Liz, in the upcoming months. That being a treasured time for mothers and daughters (as well as fathers), it would be memorable if Liz could experience our recollections of Susan's school years at Fuller, Ramsey and Washburn. If you'd like to share your thoughts and stories of Susan, you may send them to: marycouncilman@hotmail.com. We'll combine them in a book for Liz from you... what a wedding gift that will be!

Thanks in advance,Mary Helgeson Councilman



HISTORIC TOUR OF MINNEAPOLIS  - First come, first served!
This opportunity is now open to everyone whether you’re attending the reunion events or not. Feel free to invite a friend or family member to join you — we’d like to see as many  people as possible enjoy this outing. The class of ’59 hired Tom to lead the same tour and it got rave reviews. Here are the details:

Tom Balcom, historian and Bonnie’s brother who graduated in 1965, will guide a three hour bus tour of our great city. Starting at Washburn, it will include the neighborhood, Minnehaha Parkway, the  Mississippi Riverfront and Chain of Lakes. The route follows much of what the Park Board refers to as The Grand Rounds Parkway and will combine the new with familiar landmarks of Minneapolis. There will be refreshments and two or three stops along the way. One stop will be to get a look at St. Anthony Falls from the James J. Hill bridge downtown. The fifty-eight passenger, air-conditioned coach has a rest room.

2 Meeting Locations: The Hilton Garden Inn on the southeast corner of 494 and Hwy. 100 at 8:00 AM; or, at the WHS 49th St. parking lot by 8:30. The bus will leave Washburn at 9:00!

Your hosts will be: Bill Hartupee (952.926.1487) from The Hilton and Paul Mannerberg (612.720.5262) from the Washburn meeting place.

Send a check for $20 per person and names of everyone who will be with you to:  Diane McCalvy, 110 Bank Street S. E., Minneapolis, MN 55414

 NEED TRANSPORTATION TO REUNION EVENTS? - Let us know by responding to this e-mail.


 -  We need a few more voices!
We are still looking for a dozen singers or more who are willing to learn a piece of music well enough to sing at the memorial service opening our reunion weekend. The song is “It Is Well With My Soul” and while it can be found in most hymnals, I have permission to use a better arrangement.

I have sheet music which can be sent in PDF format and MP3 “learning track” files. These files are “part predominant” which means you can hear your part (notes only) over the other three while you are singing along with and learning the music.

With these tools we should be able to pull this together with little rehearsal. If you are in the Twin Cities area, we could meet a couple of times in the weeks before the reunion. The music would not have to be memorized but we would each have to be fairly well acquainted with it.

To date I have Jerry Bratz(T), Barb Nims Miller (A or T), Anne Lindsey (A), Bob Meehl (creaky T). I am sure Diane Costello will join us.  If your spouse is going to be with you and would like to join in, that would be fine as well. If we do not have enough interest, we can go the hymnal route but let’s see if we can get enough to step up and make Jim Bolewine proud!

If you are now singing in a church or community choir and would be interested in this, please contact:  Ken Slinde gnubass@comcast.net or 952.884.4975.

GREETERS AT THE MINIKAHDA CLUB -  A great way to mix with a large group.
Marcia Soronsen Solon has planned a lovely evening for us on Saturday. She will need 20 people to greet classmates as they arrive, check people in at the welcome table and hand out memory books. Each person's rotation will be just one-half hour. These volunteers should arrive at the club by 5:30 to get oriented and the last rotation will end by 7-7:30 when dinner is served. Thanks in advance for your willingness to help with this. Reply to this e-mail to volunteer.

OUR CLASS VIDEO -  Does anyone have a copy of this?



HAVE YOU SERVED IN THE U.S. MILITARY? - Please let us know!
In which branch of the armed service did you serve? Where and when? We’d like to honor you in the reunion Memory Book.

Send your response as a Reply to this e-mail but change the subject line to “My Military Service Information”. Thank you!

SEND YOUR BIO NOW! - The deadline is May 15.
Also, if you have committed to writing in behalf of someone on the deceased list, please get your entry to us. Remember, each of these can be done as an e-mail with photos attached for ease of writing and editing! Send it to: washburn1960@gmail.com.

MAIL YOUR RESERVATION ASAP - It will help us with our planning!
The deadline for sending your reservation form and payment is June 1. If you plan to go on the historic bus tour, please commit now as we should reserve a bus soon. A smaller bus will be booked 
if there are fewer than 58 people interested.



PLANNING A MEMORIAL -  A way you can participate.
We are looking for up to a dozen singers who are willing to learn a piece of music well enough to sing at the memorial service opening our reunion weekend. A clip of the song is attached to this e-mail. It’s a four part male arrangement but we expect a mixed group to be singing it at this event.

The music would not have to be memorized but the close harmonies (a barbershop arrangement) will require getting fairly well acquainted with it.

Preferably there would be enough interested people in the Twin Cities so that we could get together for a few rehearsals. People coming into the Cities a few days ahead of the reunion could also participate if we schedule our last rehearsals a day or two ahead of the service.

If you are now singing in a church or community choir and would be interested in this, please contact Ken Slinde at gnubass@comcast.net or 952.884.4975.

YOUR HOTEL RESERVATION -  Make sure you’re getting the discount!
Did you make it clear that you want the $69 Washburn Reunion discount price when you reserved your room at The Hilton Garden Inn? If not, you’ll be expected to pay the regular price. For confirmation call 1/888.999.2797.

PLEASE SEND YOUR BIO -  We have the time to put your page together now!
Personal bios for the Memory Book have been arriving slowly but we’d like to see more of them as soon as possible. We’ve gotten some fun photos and other memorabilia to include in the book but it doesn’t reflect the many groups within our class. Make sure that your neighborhood or friendship group is represented when this goes to press.

If you have committed to writing in behalf of someone on the deceased list, please get your entry to us soon.

Remember, each of these can be done as an e-mail with photos attached for ease of writing and editing! Send it to washburn1960@gmail.com.

JUST FOR FUN: -  1944 America's Got Talent - http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=BNR74UCidBI&feature=player_embedded


- Golden Reunion Memory Book
If you are fairly skilled using Microsoft Publisher, you can help us with our golden Reunion Memory Book. Copy... Paste... Resize... and Save... That's pretty much it.
We will provide a template and e-mail classmates' entries to you. You will place them into the template and return the MS Publisher files to the committee. Then we'll merge your work into the master document.
If you are ready to sign up right now, or if you have any questions, contact Denny Lander - dlander222@comcast.net, Tom Crone - tomcrone@usiwireless.com or Doug Sherman - dougsherman@mindspring.com.

MEMORIAL WRITERS - Golden Reunion Memory Book
Those who are remembered are never really gone. Join us in commemorating the lives of classmates who have passed on. In the reunion Memory Book, we are publishing brief biographies, written by those who knew and loved them.
To insure that there's a memory for each of them, we are now seeking friends and/or family members to write a remembrance in their behalf. This could include stories from our school days, personal life achievements, family memories, etc. To contribute, you will simply write an entry about that person, telling of something special that you wish to share.
Here is a chance to write on behalf of these deceased classmates. Please let us know, by replying to this e-mail, if you will be one of the memorial writers. Instructions will be included in your registration packet. People who have already volunteered are noted below:

Judith Naomi Allen
Benita Lander (Hale) - Denny Lander
Burton Anderson
Kathy E. Lee (Zinkle) - Sally Metzler
Carl Anderson
Glenn Magnuson - Jane Hagen
Carol Anklam (Karlson) - Marcia Sorenson
Joanne Maresh - Sally Metzler
Robert A. Arndt
Paul Martini
John Barber
Paul Matson
Esther Benzel (Johnston)
George V. McLaughlin
Marcia Berg (Conrad)
Philip Meyer - Dick Swenson
Conny Brown
Ken J. Mies
Larry Butler
Dick Montgomery
Wayne Cantley
Ann Namtvedt
John Carlson
Karen Newgard
Mike Collins
Charles Nimmerfroh
Kathie Dean (Hillman)
Robert Noreen
Janice Dechter (Zimmerman)
Carl Nygaard
Gary Dunham
Jim Nyholm
Mary Eichenberger
Richard Orest
Timothy Elftmann
Rick Oudal
Richard Fjellman
Myron Rognlie - Jack Rognlie
Bruce Forsyth - Barb Nims
William Roney
Mary Jo Gorra, (McKinnon) - Linda Bachman
Harry Rossman - Denny Lander
Patrick Graney
Sue Sandell
James F. Helmers
Pam Seach (Schott)
Jack Hendrickson
Louise Selvig (Cast)
Larry Hetrey - Barb Nims
Barbara Solie (Griffiths)
Christine Ann Hustad - Ann Hough
Leo G. Solstad
Charles Jorgensen
Denelle Underhill (Ryan)
David Michael Kelley
David Ugland - Dick Swenson
Marilyn Kroll
Ralph Voegli
Paul Kuehn
Diane Westlund (Olsen) - Sally Metzler
Donald Kvanbeck
Sue Wherry (Hollinger) - Carolyn Light, Johni Johnson, Cheri Ripley, Mary Helgeson,
Jane Hendrickson, Susan Clausen, Sally Mulligan

We look forward to your entries. Thank you!



PLEASE REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL (washburn1960@gmail.com) TO LET US KNOW:
• Your name.
• Are you are planning to attend? How many?
• Will you be booking a hotel room?
• Will you be renting a car?
This information is to provide the reunion committee with working numbers only. It is in no
way a committed reservation.

HILTON GARDEN INN 5140 American Boulevard West, Bloomington, MN 55437
Web: www.bloomington.hgi.com    Tel: 952.831.1012 or 888.999.2797    Fax: 952.831.0738
Director of Sales: Barbara Ernst

At this time, 50 rooms have been blocked at the Hilton Garden Inn for July 23-24, 2010 for those
of you who will need a place to stay while attending our class reunion. Your early reservation
insures that you will be lodging near other classmates and helps us determine whether we need
to add more rooms. It’s a very nice property and one that has offered to give us a special price.

You may reserve your room at this time for $69 per night (compared to the $98 cost with AARP
and AAA). Be sure to mention the Washburn High School 50th Class Reunion to get the reduced
price. The facility has a pool, fitness and business center, complimentary wireless internet, a restaurant
(for breakfast and dinner), a bar and a 'pantry' stocked with food and beverages.

The hotel does provide shuttle service. From the airport you will need to call the hotel to be picked
up. There's also shuttle service to the Mall of America. Many attendees will want to rent a car for
the weekend and, if we learn that there are a number of you, we will approach car rental
companies about a promotional rate. We will also be calling for volunteers to pick up people who
do not have transportation.


• There are two ways to keep us current with your personal contact information. You may send an
e-mail to: washburn1960@gmail.com or visit the our web site at washburn1960.net. Use the
"Contact Us" link.
A class Memory Book, with entries for each graduate, will be published in time for the reunion.
Orders may be placed when registration begins in January. Anyone ordering a book but not
attending the reunion may have one mailed to them for a fee.
- Instructions for entering your personal bio and photographs for the Memory Book will be posted
on the web site soon. We’ll tell you when it’s time to begin sending this information. We want
all of you to participate whether you are attending the reunion or not. Yes, we are interested in
what you’ve been doing all of these years!
- Necrologies (i.e. remembrances of the deceased by family and friends) are being sought now for
our classmates who are deceased. Look at the list of names on the web site and send an e-mail
(washburn1960@gmail.com) if you would like to share some memories of a childhood friend
or family member